Will Crate Training Help Your American Pit Bull Terrier?

While it has gained popularity over the last few years, crate training is still one of the most misunderstood dog training methods available. Many dog owners who are ready to start training their dogs wonder if crate training will be effective in teaching their dog to behave, what the pros and cons are, and if it’s safe to use. Below is a brief description of how you can use crate training to train your American Pit Bull Terrier and information that should help you gain a better understanding of what crate training is in general.

The most common question about crate training is simply “What is it?” Many people don’t know what a dog crate is. However, it’s simply an enclosed area that usually has a cage which prevents your dog from creating trouble and keeps him safe. Some people call these “kennel cabs”, because they’re often used to transport animals to and from the kennel or veterinarian’s office.

You can train your American Pit Bull Terrier inside or outside the house, or you can use both. It’s important to make sure your dog has plenty of room to stand up and also to lay down, regardless of where you choose to train him.

There are many benefits of crate training your American Pit Bull Terrier. Crate training is a great idea because, for one thing, it will prevent your dog from causing damage to items in your home when you’re away. Eventually you will be able to leave your dog outside of its crate while you’re away and he won’t engage in destructive behavior, but during training having the crate is a great benefit.

Crate training is also extremely helpful when you’re traveling, particularly if you’ll be transporting your dog in a vehicle for an extended length of time. Your dog will be able to rest easily in his crate and experience less fear while traveling, since the crate provides him with a natural spot of safety and comfort.

Finally, crate training is a crucial part of housetraining a new puppy and can be a very beneficial addition to potty training. Using a crate for potty training can shorten your dog’s learning curve substantially and help prevent damage to your flooring, as well.

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