Top Guardian Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a dog for the protection of your family and property, your best choice will be breeds that are specially developed for this purpose. They are not as easily available as family dogs, but you may be able to get a suitable one if you wait long enough.

Here are some top breeds to look out for:

The Wolf dog

Wolf-dog is a hybrid of wolf and dog as the name suggests. They are healthy and strong, displaying hybrid vigor. The mixed parentage gives them characteristics of both parents, but they usually have a wolf-like appearance that is very effective in a guardian dog. Who would want to mess with a dog that looks like a wolf? It needs proper training from a very young age, but you’ll definitely feel safe when your home and property are in the custody of a wolf-dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd

They are huge and look ferocious. Though gentle with the people and animals under their care, they are extremely suspicious of strangers. They would go to extremes to protect their wards and the territories against any intruders. They are happy to perform their duties and are ideal for guarding large properties.

The Cane Corso

This large guard dog from Southern Italy is good at protecting the property. It is known for its suspicious nature, so early socialization is necessary. Proper training and firm handling from early on will ensure that this dog develops a stable and well-balanced temperament.

The Dogo Argentino

This large mastiff is a breed known for its capability of hunting even big animals. Though extremely strong and muscular, they are very gentle towards children. In spite of their gentleness, they are highly territorial, which makes them ideal dogs for guarding the home and property. Any violation of their territory, real or perceived, will be met with prompt and aggressive opposition. They can tolerate pain to a great extent and will continue fighting even when they are hurt.

The Moscow Watchdog

This is a hybrid dog deriving its parentage from two great dog breeds namely, St. Bernard and the Caucasian Shepherd. That gives it many of the most desirable characteristics of its parents such as high intelligence, and gentleness with the right amount of aggressiveness.

The Boerboel

Guarding the property is the prime objective of this large and powerful breed and they are very good at it too. Being very intelligent, they instinctively know when the safety and security of the family is threatened. They can be extremely aggressive towards strangers, so you should take pains to introduce visitors and other pets to the dog first.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This dog is big in size with powerful muscles to boot. It happens to have an extremely strong pack mentality to the point of being distressed if a member of the household is missing from home. This also means it is fiercely protective of the property as well as the family members and will guard them at all costs. This dog can be very domineering in its attitude, so it requires proper training and firm handling.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

These are extremely loyal and would obey commands unquestioningly. They are brave and fearless to the point of self-sacrifice, and will protect the family to the end. That makes this breed a great choice as guard dogs.

The Doberman

This one is quite an intelligent dog and easy to train. Dobermans have a gentle temperament and shows loyalty to its adopted family. It can sense when the family is in danger or if the property has been encroached upon. When that happens, it will rise up to the challenge and attack the assaulters fiercely. However, they can be trained to hold back and not kill the enemy.

The Rottweiler

Large and powerful, this black-colored breed is a favorite as a guard god because of its reliability. Rotts are very assertive, so they need to be trained early in life before they become too large for comfort. These powerful and headstrong dogs can be even destructive in the absence of firm handling.

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