Are Temporary Doghouses A Good Choice ?

You can find any number of temporary doghouses on the market; they come in different sizes, materials, and prices to fit your budget. Many dog owners find them a blessing as these temporary structures allow them greater freedom and mobility. They can be dismantled easily, and put back together just as easily too. Some even fold up into a small carrier bag which is usually provided with the kit. Can it get any more convenient than that?

Why is it a great idea to invest in a temporary doghouse?

Here are some valid reasons for getting a temporary structure to house your dog:

When you’re undecided about a permanent doghouse

If you have only recently adopted a dog, or moved into a new house with one, you may not have zeroed in on the type of permanent structure you want or where you want it. Since it is best to introduce the dog as early as possible to a dog house, you could go for temporary doghouse to start with. They are portable, so you can try it out in different locations and find out what works for you and the dog. Many of them are quite inexpensive, and they’re almost always worth the expenditure.

Even when you have a permanent structure to house your dog, you will find a temporary doghouse handy. Let’s see why.

When you go camping

It is always great taking your dog along when you go camping, but you may not think it as great sharing the cramped space inside a tent with the dog. If your dog is used to sleeping in its own house at night, it may not enjoy losing its personal space either. Taking along a temporary doghouse solves the problem for all. You need to have certain things such as leashes, tethers, and tick sprays while taking the dog out to wild areas. If you keep them together with the temporary housing as a doggie kit, you’ll not be without these essentials when you need them most.

On vacations away from home

Housing a family dog can be a problem when you take vacations. Many people leave their pet in a kennel or with house sitters just because they cannot be sure of their dog being welcome in many places of stay.

Many hotels that allow dogs provide housing for the pets in a separate area. The unfamiliar circumstances and your absence can greatly distress the dog and the way it expresses it may not always be pleasant. It may help if you carry along a temporary structure your dog is already familiar with. Even in places where they allow you to keep the pet in your room, they expect you to have some kind of housing for the dog. This is also true when you stay with friends.

A beach holiday and a picnic in the park are other occasions when temporary dog shelters come handy. Any dog would appreciate a few moments’ respite from the hot sun.

On moving from one city to another

When you move houses, it may not always be practical to lug a permanent doghouse along, especially if it is a massive structure or an old one fixed in the ground. In many cases, your household goods may follow you a few days later only. On the other hand, a temporary doghouse can be easily carried with you in the same car so that the dog can settle down as soon as you get to the new place.

Depending on your needs and those of your dog, you can select a temporary doghouse of the right size, design, and material from among the different types available.

Types of temporary doghouses

  • Pop-up pet tents

It is a small-sized tent made of high-strength polyester fabric, canvas or plastic, held in place with either a thin metal frame or a sturdy plastic frame. It may have a door made of a flap of transparent plastic that can be fixed with fasteners, or zippered close. Meshed windows provide ventilation and protection from mosquitoes and other bugs.

These structures are highly portable and light-weight, and they fold up easily, making them ideal for picnics and the like. Even though they are meant for both indoor and outdoor use, protection from cold is minimal due to lack of any insulation.

  • Inflatable doghouses

They are similar to the bounce houses for children. Made of strong synthetic fabric, they are resistant to tear and rough play to a great extent; and easy to wipe clean when soiled. The air-filled walls not only give the structure shape and stability, but provide good thermal insulation too. This is excellent for outdoor use even during the cold season.

You need an air-pump for inflating this type of temporary doghouse. After use, it can be deflated and carried around easily in its pack.

  • Soft-sided crates

They are the most compact among the temporary dog shelters. Not so much of a doghouse, they are generally used for transporting the dog safely as you do with a regular dog crate. The difference is that the sides are a combination of cushioned fabric and mesh instead of metal or plastic.

The soft crates can be used by the dog as a place for rest in parks, beaches etc. They are light-weight, and fold very compactly, so it can be a constant companion wherever you travel with the dog.

  • Collapsible metal crate

These rectangular mesh cages fold away easily. Though heavier than other portable doghouses, they are suitable for dogs which tend to chew softer materials. The mesh frames are usually galvanized steel. A canvas or polyester fabric cover stitched to fit the metal frame offer protection from the elements as well as privacy to the dog as it rests.

This can be used out in the yard as a semi-permanent doghouse in the absence of a permanent one. You can add a light-weight plastic or fiberglass roof and paneling on the walls to convert it into a more comfortable and secure house for the dog.

  • Plastic barrel

This is the simplest of portable temporary doghouses. It is just a barrel-shaped plastic structure open at one side. It may have a flap of transparent plastic sheet or mesh fabric to cover the opening. The barrel may have a flat side on which it rests. There may be side supports to prevent the structure from tilting and rolling.

Even though the place inside may appear to be inadequate for a dog, they seem to enjoy crawling into the barrel for a bit of rest or a short nap. You can even make your own barrel house for your dog with a plastic barrel bought from the shop. All you need to do is add a door flap, and a base support to keep the barrel from rolling.

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