Teeth Fracture In Dogs

If there are fractured teeth in the mouth, the animal should have an examination by a veterinarian. The vet can determine if there has been damage sustained to the tooth pulp. If the fracture does affect the tooth pulp, the tooth will need to be removed or a root canal procedure will need to be performed. If the damage is limited to the hard tissues of the tooth or a root canal has already been performed then a crown or other restorative technique may be used to repair defects in the tooth structure. Wounds to the gum and other soft tissues will need to be treated by the veterinarian.

If the jaw bones have been fractured then they must be stabilized by the veterinarian. This may be done by wires, pins or other materials. If the correct bit position is maintained then healing should be relatively quick. It may be possible for most of the supporting material to be removed in around six to eight weeks. If the animal has difficulty eating then a feeding tube may be used while the injury heals.

Decaying of the tooth is not common but if it does occur, it may be seen as pits on bite surfaces or the sides of the molar teeth, quite close to the gum line. Cavities may be filled. The method for this is similar to the method used in human dentistry.

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