What Should You Plan for When You Adopt a Dog

Bringing a puppy or a dog home is a joyful occasion. Everyone in the family will vie with each other to shower affection on the new member of the family. The dog will enjoy all this attention and respond with equally enthusiastic barking and vigorous wagging of its tail. While nobody can resist the antics of a playful dog, the initial interest is going to wane sooner or later. The hard reality of soiled carpets and chewed furniture comes into focus soon. While the dog continues to demand attention, your anger or irritation may confuse the dog.

If you know what you can expect when the adopted dog comes home, a lot of disappointment can be avoided. A little planning and preparation goes a long way in ensuring a faster return to normality in the household.

If you decide to adopt a dog or a puppy, plan for the following:

Spending on supplies

The dog may very well be a member of the family, but it needs several exclusive articles like bowls for eating and drinking, a bed of its own, grooming comb and supplies and a good store of regular dog food and special treats. It should also have a well-fitting collar with an ID tag attached. Leash is necessary for taking the dog out for walks.

Setting rules and limits

The existing house rules would change when a dog is brought into the household. To make it a happy experience for all, there should be a discussion and consensus on the changes that would have to be made. A person and time should be assigned for repetitive activities such as taking the dog out for walk, grooming, feeding etc. There should be limits set for the extent of freedom allowed to the dog. If the bed and couches are off limits, all members should be aware of it because the dog should be treated with consistency, especially before it is trained well to obey orders.

The dog has its roots in the wild nature of its ancestors, the wolves. As long as it accepts the owner as the Alpha Male of the pack, it remains in its proper place. Do not allow the dog to think that he is the Alpha Male. He will start to exert his dominance and disregard the authority of the owner. A pack has a strict hierarchy that every member respects. The dog should recognize its position in the lower cadres of the hierarchy so that it doesn’t try to contest your power. While playing with the dog it is best to avoid games like tug-of-war that will give it an opportunity to challenge you or win over you. If it begins to nip at you, it means you’ve overstepped the limits. Never allow a situation to reach this stage when you play with him again. Any tendency towards wild behavior should be immediately discouraged.

Training the dog

A dog should be trained right from the beginning so that he learns to obey orders and behave well. Many breeds have negative traits that should be curbed through consistent handling. You should find out if the breed you have chosen has any such traits that you should focus on from the start. A trained dog adjusts well to the different situations and it a pleasure to have around.

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