Why Is It Great to Adopt a Dog from the Animal Shelter

When there are plenty of dogs in animal shelters waiting to be adopted, why do people still buy dogs from pet shops? Do you know why adopting from shelters is a great option? Let’s look at some very good reasons.

You get a well trained dog

The dogs put up for adoption at the shelters are already housetrained. There may even be some that have been trained as guide dogs, hearing dogs, or sight dogs in case you are in need of an assistance dog. Housebreaking a dog is a time consuming affair that requires a lot of patience and time. You are spared of all that hassle when you adopt from the shelter.

You give a second chance to a deserving dog

Many people wrongly assume that dogs are abandoned because they misbehave. The truth is far from it. One of the most common reasons is their previous owners moving away or falling into financial difficulties. In some cases, dogs get orphaned when their owners die. Old age, frequent hospitalizations or admission into assisted living homes force some owners to surrender their beloved dogs to the shelters. In the rare cases when dogs are abandoned for misbehaving, it is more often the faulty handling by the owners the real cause. Every dog deserves to be well cared for in a loving family; the abandoned ones all the more so because they need another chance to prove their worth.

You take the load off the animal shelters

They are often functioning above their maximum capacity, but still there are many dogs on the streets that need a home. Did you know that animal shelters sometimes resort to mercy killing of older and weaker dogs to make way for younger ones?

When you take one off their hands, the food, bed and medicines they save can go to another deserving dog and a poor senior dog’s life may be spared. You are contributing your mite to the shelter besides doing a humane act when you adopt from them.

You save on cost

Buying a dog from a pet shop or breeder is an expensive affair. While you pay only about $100 as fees when a dog is adopted from a shelter, a similar one from the shop would set you back by hundreds of dollars. Some animal shelters bursting at their seams with over population might even offer dogs for no charge at all. But it is not a good idea to adopt a dog for free because no dog is worthless. After all, the small fee you pay covers the cost of vaccinating and spaying the dog in addition to maintaining it. Since the dogs are trained, you save the extra time and expenses involved in training a dog.

You get a new friend and companion

Adult and senior dogs that get adopted realize instinctively that they have been given a second chance. They feel grateful to the new owners and express it by being exceptionally affectionate and loyal. Since you need not spend any time on training the dog, you can start enjoying its companionship straightaway. Being mature as they are, they easily fall into your routine without being overly demanding.

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