Finding the Dog with the Right Personality

When you adopt a dog to be your life-long companion and friend, you should ensure a personality match between you two for a satisfying relationship.

Here are some tips to help you with that:

Look at the breed

The breed of a dog gives you a general idea about its temperament even though individual differences exist. When you want to adopt a dog, it’s important to look at the breed to know what you can expect from your future companion. For example, if you are energetic person with an active lifestyle, you may want to have a dog that matches your energy levels. You will not be happy to have a companion who is rather sleepy and lethargic, preferring to stay indoors all the time. On the other hand, high-energy breeds need a lot of outdoor exercise and become frustrated if you don’t have the time and energy to take them out frequently.

Sizes can be misleading

Size of the dog does matter if you have space constraints, but you shouldn’t go by size alone when choosing a breed. Many people living in small apartments go in for small breeds taking only the lack of space into consideration. The high energy levels of many small breeds cause them to run around constantly, wrecking havoc in a confined space. They can be dangerous around small children and toddlers as they may trip them or cause things to fall on them. Surprisingly, there are gentle giants among large and mid-size dogs who move slowly when they are indoors. If you have time to take them out for regular exercise, they can live contentedly in small homes too.

Temperament is important

Temperament refers to the nature of the dog. It is the most important attribute on which you should find a match between you and the dog. Besides looking at the characteristic temperament of any particular breed, you should observe the shortlisted dog very carefully to check whether its nature suits you. If you are an athletic type, an active dog, full of energy and stamina and always ready to step out with you, will be a good choice. If you prefer intellectual pursuits and appreciate a quiet life at home, a dog with a placid personality will just sit quietly by your side.

Intelligence in dogs

It is a highly desirable trait in dogs, especially if you have very little time and patience to train it. Intelligent dogs learn your commands fast and recall them even when they have not been repeated very often. A dog that learns within five repetitions is considered an intelligent dog. Even though repetitive training is what makes or breaks a dog, there are several breeds known for their high degree of intelligence

Purpose of the dog

Being focused on the purpose for which you are adopting the dog is particularly important. It’s purely your choice. It can be anything from guarding the home from intruders to displaying in fashionable company. Or you could be looking for a dog to be just your friend and companion. With the innumerable breeds of dogs available, you can find a suitable toy dog or a working dog.

First look at the dog breeds that closely match your purpose, and then assess the personality of the ones available for adoption. You’ll surely spot one that has the right size and temperament, while matching you purpose.

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