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It includes everything from where you can source the dog, to how you can meet its nutritional requirements and medical needs. We have articles that explain in details how to care for your sick dog, how to spot dog diseases early and when to seek medical help. You’ll even find information on using restrainers and doggie diapers.

Adopting the Right Dog

If you are contemplating adoption, we will walk you through the different steps of acquiring the right kind of dog to match your needs and lifestyle. Not all dogs have the same temperament or needs. Some breeds of dogs make ideal family pets, but others thrive when they are used as work dogs or for the protection of property. Some are predisposed to certain disease conditions. While our website gives you relevant facts about the cost of ownership of different types of dogs, it will burst some myths about the relation between the size of the dog and its temperament.

Raising a dog is a rewarding experience. Dogs make great companions for the young and the old, and everyone in between. It is proven that they contribute to our emotional well-being. Dogs are man’s best friend, no doubt, but it takes some effort on our part to be the dog’s best friend. Providing your dog with the right kind of training, optimum amount of exercise and nutritional inputs, and timely medical attention will ensure an enjoyable and long-lasting companionship.

Training Your Dog

A well-trained dog is a happy dog. Whichever breed of dog you adopt, you need to train it from day one. Learning  few dog tricks is fun, but that’s not enough. Stay with us, and you’ll learn not only how to potty train a puppy, but also how to house train a dog. Potty training a puppy early on prevents accidents and unnecessary cleaning work. But house training a dog involves getting it used to your schedules and the expected behavior in your household.

Early socialization goes a long way in making your dog well-adjusted. It needs to get used to visitors as well as other pets. The commands that you teach the dog to obey open up an effective communication channel between you and your pet. We’ll show you how to handle your dog in a loving, yet firm, way. If you don’t have much time to spare on training, we’ll tell you what are the easiest dogs to train.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Exercise and nutrition are equally important for the general health of a dog. Your dog requires different types of food at different stages of its life. It is not only deficiencies that cause dog diseases , but unnecessary feeding can also result in many disorders. A balanced diet and regular exercise are what they need. You should know the correct way of walking a dog. If your dog is reluctant to walk, you’ll find articles that will help you analyze the reasons and work out a solution.

Getting Medical Attention for Your Dog

Dogs can develop diseases just as we do. But they cannot communicate very well how they feel. It is up to you to recognize the early symptoms of dog diseases, and get timely help from a veterinarian. As you browse through our website, you will discover excellent articles about different dog diseases and their symptoms. They explain in detail the underlying causes of common complaints such as lameness or hair loss in dogs. You will learn to recognize kennel cough symptoms and early indications of kidney disorders that are irreversible.

We give you the inside story on abnormal behaviors such as frequent ear scratching, head shaking, and constant pacing by the dog. Canine parasites are dealt with in great detail so that the characteristic symptoms may help you identify them. Early recognition of symptoms may help save your dog’s life since many diseases are progressive and irreversible.

There may be occasions when you need to transport your dog to a hospital for in-patient treatment or to another city on a train or an airplane. Our dog training tips include how to crate train a dog in order  to prepare you and your dog for such exigencies.

On Vaccination

As you know, prevention is better than cure. Many dog diseases are preventable. For example,distemper in dogs is a fatal viral infection that has no effective treatment. But it can be easily prevented by vaccination. We give you information about routine puppy shots, as well as those required in special circumstances. You will also learn how to groom your dog and how regular grooming practices protect your dog from parasites.

The main purpose of our website is to help every dog owner meet the day to day challenges of keeping a pet dog. You are welcome to use our website as a ready reference for practical suggestions and advice for everything related to dogs.

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