Different Types of Traditional Doghouses

Doghouses are traditionally wooden structures. Fairly good amount of protection from the elements that this natural building material offers could be one reason. Easy availability and versatility of wood add to the charm.

The architectural features may have been a replication of human abodes, but these simple structures are just as practical.

You often see three different types of wooden doghouses distinguished mainly by the shape of their roofs.

Flat-roof doghouse

This is the simplest of doghouse designs because the roof is made up of a single rectangular piece that goes on top of a box-like structure with a door cut on the front wall, usually off centre to prevent the draft from directly hitting the dog when it’s resting inside.

The entry way can be easily shaded with a slight overhang of the roof. This is ideal because dogs usually stay lying down in their house with their head peeping out of the door, probably to keep a watch over their surroundings as any self-respecting canine should. The flat roof also serves as an elevated platform for the dog to lie in when the weather permits. From the top of the roof they can survey the grounds in every direction.

One drawback of the design is that leaves and other debris could accumulate on the roof unless cleared off regularly. Snow could also collect on the roof, and it can cause damage to the structure. Rain water will not drain off easily too. Hence a flat roof is better avoided in areas receiving heavy snowfall and frequent rains.

Slanted-roof doghouse

This again has a roof consisting of a single panel, but it has a slant to one of the sides. This is achieved by making one side wall taller than the other. With this simple change, the accumulation of snow and debris on the roof is easily avoided. Rain water also quickly drains off, allowing the roof to dry off faster. The slanting roof is often paved with shingles to increase the aesthetic appeal of the doghouse.

This type of doghouse is often built attached to the outer wall of the house or garage, with the roof slanting away from the wall. Using the same type of roofing as that of the house maintains structural uniformity and makes the doghouse look as part of the house.

Giving a steep angle to the slanting roof ensures good drainage, but some doghouses are built with minimal slant so that the dog can still use it as a platform.

Pitched-roof doghouse

It is the typical rectangular box-like structure with a peaked roof and an arched doorway that has been immortalized by many a cartoon movie and picture postcard. The roof is made up of two pieces that join at the top to form an A-shaped profile. This design has high visual appeal as a standalone structure; it is excellent from a practical point of view too.

There can be variations in the angle of the roof, and one side of the roof can be longer than the other to hang over the doorway or a raised deck.

Additions of deck, loft or extra rooms add variety to these basic structures. Different types of external finishes and roofing materials can be used to lend a unique character to a doghouse. Custom made ones are built to match the design of the main house.

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