How To build a Doghouse for Your Adopted Dog

After you have decided to adopt a dog, you will want to provide a comfortable accommodation for the new addition to the family. So the next thing on the agenda is deciding on the kind of doghouse you want for your dog.

The size of the doghouse

The breed of the dog you have chosen dictates the size. If it is a puppy, never go by its present size. Find out the expected adult size of that particular breed, and then add a bit extra for good measure. If you are thinking of having a temporary house for the puppy right now, before investing in a permanent one, you still have to think big because puppies grow surprisingly fast.

The design of the doghouse

This is your opportunity to exercise your imagination and creativity. Some people go for elaborate doghouse designs that look like a miniature palace or a chalet, while others prefer a simple, yet practical one that is just a box-like structure or a lean to. The doghouse can be modeled on the architecture of your own house for design cohesion, complete with the replica of your room for the interiors. Since the dog becomes a member of the family, it is quite understandable that the owner would want to provide it with all the comforts of his own home.

Whatever the design of the doghouse, the one criterion that is most important is that it should be big enough for the dog to move about. It should protect him from the cold winter and the heat of the summer. The climate of your area decides whether you should fix a door or not. Doghouses need to have a door in cold and windy places.

Dimensions of the doghouse

Depending on your means and inclination, you can build the doghouse as large as you want, but here are the minimum dimensions required to house a dog comfortably. These are based on the maximum adult size of the breed you adopt.

  • Length: Adding one and a half feet to the total length of the dog, not counting its tail, will give you the minimum length required.
  • Width: the length of the dog plus one foot extra gives you the minimum width so that the dog can move around easily.
  • Height: The height of the doghouse should be 9 inches more than the maximum height the dog is expected to reach. Besides giving the dog some extra head space, it will allow air circulation, which is especially important in summer.

The roof can be made of a number of materials, including wood. Wooden roofing keeps the interiors cool in summer. Easy-to-clean materials like vinyl may be a good choice for the flooring. The doghouse should be well-insulated if the area experiences extreme weather. Some people find it easier to provide air conditioning.

Location of the doghouse

A doghouse should be ideally located in dry, level ground free of vegetation other than plain grass. There shouldn’t be any dampness in the area. This is for the safety of the dog. The earth should be packed in tightly before constructing the doghouse. The structure should be raised a few inches off the ground to keep it dry, and safe from insects.

You can choose from the doghouse designs readily available, or make your own. If you are hard pressed for time, you could try knockdown kits that make it a quick affair. You have the choice of ready-made and customized doghouses too.

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