When Should You Not Adopt Dogs

If you are a dog lover, anytime may seem as a good time to adopt one. But that is far from the truth. Dogs do make great companions. They are great stress busters and may even help you through periods of emotional crisis. But we are talking about a well-adjusted dog that has been part of the family for quite some time here.

Adopting a new dog is an altogether different story. You have to give a lot to the dog before you can expect love and loyalty from him. When you are not in a position to devote a considerable amount and time and energy to the dog, it’s not a good idea to bring him home then. Here are some such situations when you should not go in for adoption.

So when the idea of adoption occurs to you, you should check out these:

Times of sorrow

Periods of bereavement, whether it’s from the death of a loved person or a pet, are the worst times to bring in a new pet. A depressed owner tends to neglect the dog.

Financial Difficulties

Maintaining a dog is not cheap, so you should postpone the adoption until you are more financially sound.

To relieve the stress at work

Someone must have suggested that having a dog relieves stress. While it is true, adopting a new dog will only add to the stress especially if you’re hard pressed for time too.

As company for older dogs

Just because an older dog looks lonely and gloomy, you should not bring in a new dog. The older dog may resent the new addition especially since you would be spending a lot of time housebreaking and training the new one.

When you expect major changes

Moving to a new place, changing jobs, imminent marriage or divorce are times when you should refrain from getting a dog.

When a family member is against it

Since the dog is going to be a member of the family, any opposition from family members should be given importance. Consistent handling of the dog during its training period becomes impossible if there’s hostility towards the dog.

When you have to travel frequently

Leaving a dog in the care of others is not a great idea if it is going to be a frequent occurrence. Even if you can travel with the dog, it will be too many changes and too much instability for a dog. They are highly territorial and love to be settled in one place.

When you have a new baby or small child

Arrival of a new baby is a time of adjustment in the family. Wanting your baby to grow up with a dog is not justification enough to adopt a dog now. A new dog needs as much time and attention from you as a new baby, if not more. It may not be safe for a baby or a small child to be around some very active and energetic breeds.

A dog or a puppy is not a great gifting idea. Those who receive the gift may be overjoyed, but they are being forced into a situation they were not prepared for. They may not have the time, patience, energy, money or convenience to bring it up properly. Also, you rob them of the chance to adopt the kind of dog that is right for them.

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