What You Should Do to Adopt a Dog

The process of adopting a dog is not as simple as picking out one you fancy. Choosing the right dog takes a lot of planning and research, and, at the end of it, a formal adoption procedure awaits you. After all, there is more to adoption than offering a place in your home to a dog that needs one; it’s a life-long commitment to one that would be your friend companion from now on.

Choosing the dog for adoption

The dog you adopt should be your personal choice. Most people have a fairly good idea about what type dog they want. While many prefer pure-bred dogs, some are not that particular about ancestry as long as the dog meets their criteria for size, color and temperament. Even mutts make good pets, but your choice should be based on your own preferences.

For those who find it hard to zero in on the type of dog to adopt, here’s a guide to help them with their decision.

Breed – Particular breed, any purebred dog, mixed breed or mutt

Size – Big, medium, small or tiny

Age – Senior dog, adult dog or puppies

Level of Activity – Low, medium or high

Need for exercise – Low or high

Maintenance needs – Low or high

Color – Plenty of choice there

Among these characteristics you should identify those you definitely want in your future companion, and those you can compromise on. If there’s any particular trait that’s not acceptable to you, spell it out. Once you decide on the above criteria, you can rate the potential candidates accordingly. Consider the temperament of a particular dog too. This should go a long way in helping you choose a dog that is perfect for you.

Where do you get the dog for adoption?

Animal shelters

These facilities temporarily house dogs that have been rounded up from the streets. They are put up for adoption when there are no claimants.

Rescue groups

They keep rescued dogs in an atmosphere similar to a home where they lead a normal life under careful observation. Some rescue homes cater to specific breeds only, while others keep all types of dogs.

Before deciding on the facility from which you will adopt, research them thoroughly. Besides checking out their websites, personally visit the premises to ensure the dogs are well cared for, in a safe, clean, and loving, environment. Avoid dubious organizations .

The adoption procedure

There’s no dearth of dogs waiting to be adopted into loving homes, but those who facilitate the adoption would require you to go through a prescribed process before you can take your chosen dog home. Certain criteria for adoption are set according to the policies the rescue homes and dog shelters follow. It’s all for the safety of their wards.

You may need to submit a formal application and get it approved. It’s not very hard though. Enquire about the fees charged by the facility beforehand. It is usually about $100. If anybody charges more, you should be wary of them.

When the adopted dog comes home

From the moment you bring the newly adopted dog into your home, it is the beginning of a new life not just for the dog, but for you too. Both will have many adjustments to make, especially in the initial period when the dog tries to get used to the new surroundings and routine. Once the dog settles in and there is sufficient bonding between you, you may begin to train the dog to be the life-long companion you want it to be.

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