Actinobacillosis in Dogs

Actinobacillus bacteria of different species cause the infection generally termed as Actinobacillosis. The disease appears in different forms. The species of bacteria involved, as well as the animal that gets infected, determines the form of the disease. The infections usually occur in the soft tissue. It may even affect the bones nearer to the infected tissue. Inflammation of the lymph nodes is an indication of the infection spreading to the whole body of the animal.

‘Wooden tongue’ is a condition caused by a species of Actininobacillus which produces tumors in the dog’s tongue. It usually affects the soft tissue of different parts of the body such as the neck, head and legs of the dogs, resulting in abnormalities. The lungs and its outer covering called pleura also may be affected. In some cases, abnormal growths form beneath the skin too.

These bacteria live in the mucus lining of the upper part of the food tract. The disease starts when wounds in the food tract introduce them into the nearby soft tissue. The infection originating in isolated areas later reach other tissues via the animal’s lymphatic system.

Actinobacillosis of this kind occur sporadically all over the world, so prevention is not easy. It is treated with excision of affected tissue and oral administration of antibiotics or potassium iodide.

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